Living Wild

So, talk about living wild…. the snow storm we are supposed to be getting around MN and WI is supposed to bring about a foot of snow in some areas, along with -40 degrees windchill!  What does this have to do with our art project…. It might not have anything to do with our art project… but what I found interesting is that they are now naming winter storms…  or at least Justine Lile from WDIO is going to name the storm according to the news last night. I was completely shocked! So, I e-mailed Justin and asked if he was serious.   Anyway, I will be traveling to Illinois tonight… so the drive there may be interesting. 

Here you go! It doesn’t pick up until about 45 sec into it… a great winter storm music video

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Ok, so after the busy week last week… and our reminder to not forget to post to our blog… I totally forgot until about sunday night.  I should have just blogged then… but here I am last min blogging again.  First, I can not believe that there is only about 2 weeks of the semester left! Wow.  Anyway, I’m glad that I am starting to like Photoshop more and actually starting to figure out how to use it! Go me 🙂 Anyway I have been thinking about my type of music a lot, and thought about making actual songs, how cool would that be!  Then I thought maybe I could just find some good examples… I think a mix of Trans-Siiberian Orchestra, scissor sisters, muse, and classical music, and the devil went down to Georgia…   This is a hard mix to find!

   This one is a little closer! How fun 🙂

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How low can your logo?

Here is my Excellencico Logo!  Not gonna lie, I worked on it for more then 10 mins, but it was fun trying new things.


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Metlot Murders

Ok, so I am finally starting to get Photoshop a little bit! How great it that 🙂 I am sooooo excited about my movie poster!  Thanks to the class about all of the good feedback and the new inspirations!  I can’t wait to see how it looks all printed out and on the poster board!  I think it will be fun to experiment more with Photoshop now that understand it a little bit more!  Anyway Joe pointed out that my poster reminded him of the twilight movies.  This made me a little nervous but Joe reminded me that if it looks like twilight that is probably good because the posters and book covers have been very successful.  So hopefully all of you twilight fans enjoy this.. Also I think I am going to post something on the logo website… however I am finding it very hard to make something that isn’t good to post… oh well  here is my E inspiration to start it out! 

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The Corkscrew Killer

I have been having a tough time using photoshop and am finding it very frustrating.  I’ve been thinking of movie titles, and how I can make my movie poster more appealing.  Well my boyfriend and I came up with The Corkscrew Killer.  An alcoholic who kills people with corkscrews and then drinks their wine.  What a great idea.  I feel like it might be easier to make a poster for this movie, for some reason when I think of awesome movie posters they are the dark kind of creepy ones… I’m not sure why… Wino’s would be fun, I think I can have more of a vision for this… hopefully!  Otherwise it might be back to the drawing boards 🙂 I’m thinking the front can have a corkscrew, blood, and a bottle of wine broken or tipped over… lets cross our fingers for this one! I will be a busy girl this weekend!!

Looks pretty creepy to me!

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No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

My dad showed me this video last night.  I thought it was so inspirational I thought I would share it with everyone! 🙂  The video is about this guy named Nick Vujicic.  He was born without arms or legs.  He has a great attitude and is such an inspiration! 

You can find more videos of him on Youtube but here is just one!

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I just have to say that I give mad props to people who have a career in design.  Photoshop is a lot of work… hopefully with some practice it will get better though!  As of now… I could not imagine doing this for my career.  So good job design people! 🙂 

On to animals… the three animals I was thinking about using were a zebra, eagle, and a flamingo… I think I heard 3 or 4 people in class talking about using a zebra and eagle. What is up with those animals? Maybe because they are both very elegant looking animals?  As I was talking with my boyfriend he made me realize that maybe photo shop wasn’t my problem but the choice of animals I picked.  I know these animals are not supposed to be related.. but I guess I could choose something that fits together a little better 🙂

I’m excited to see how this turns out!

Here is a fine example of Photoshop at work! 🙂

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Alright, So Photoshop is a bust so far for me… I thought I would share what I tried, even if it did fail… Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to work on another one.  I decided to try taking away the background, I’m not sure if I just found a complicated tutorial, but I had troubles with this and I thought it would be an easy one.  I finally figured out how to outline my object but actually getting rid of the background was not easy for me… that is why the background is still not gone completely!

Here we go…

  The music is pretty bad!


This is my niece, she ate sand the entire time we were in Mexico 🙂 What I wanted to do was take her pic and remove the background.. well I ended up blacking her out, so I took the white/clear bucket and took the background away from that…

This is what happened…

Ok so I can’t even figure out how to get it on here right now… Hopefully tomorrow will bring something more promising..

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So this week I’m going to do a little complaining…. first off REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR FILES ON A JUMP DRIVE… ok so I had a little scare with my computer and will forever use my jump drive to save my files… fortunately I was able to retrieve my files however my computer in general is still not totally fixed.  I do have faith in my super smart brother though and my computer should be as good as new by tonight. Yippie!  On a positive note I would like to say how excited I am about my project! I can’t wait to see it all finished….

Now on to nutrisystem… nutrisystem is not going to teach you how to eat better… eating precooked meals is expensive and just because you can eat nutrisystem pizza every day of the week is not helping people realize what healthy eating is…  I was watching TV this morning.. which I don’t do a lot of and now I remember why, I saw this commercial about… oh lets say 10 times in the span of an hour or two… yeah and the girl on there was going to medical school… You would think she would have a better understanding of what healthy eating is… ok that was my rant 🙂  

 Have a great Halloween! 

FYI Most searched for Halloween candy is… DOTS

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Art with letters

This week we are making art with letters! How cool it was until class on Wednesday that I actually got excited about this project, just using letters  or type instead of trying to get it to fit a certain area is so much easier and just a fun way to look at the project! So searching I found this super cute… yes cute cat

There are some pretty cool examples here!

On another note… It is almost the weekend!  I am also working on my CD for class, I just love making mixed CD’s just because they can be completely random, who doesn’t love some white stripes and Santogold!

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